London Day 1: Le Pain Quotidien (Lunch)

First day of sightseeing and being tourists in London! (Our real first day consisted of my sister and I sleeping because we were so tired from the flight while my parents went out to since they had already been to London before).

We went to the Natural History Museum and it’s HUGE. Our Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton cannot even compare.

Natural History Museum

On the left, is the original old building of the museum, while on the right is a newer building added on. I didn’t realize how big it was until I walked through it. It was a wondrous maze to walk through.

After we finished oohing and aahing at the museum we walked around the area to find lunch. We came across a restaurant called Le Pain Quotidien.

Le Pain Quotidien was founded in Brussels in 1990 by Alain Coumont. Over the years it has become global and now has 185 restaurants worldwide. (Though there are none in Canada =[ ).

My dad, mom and I decided to try the Pot Pie with Chicken and Organic Vegetables. It was a lot bigger than I expected and was quite good. Instead of being the typical pie that you would get it had the normal crust but the top was more like a flaky, buttery crust lid that could be taken off. Inside was chicken, and lots of leeks. If you like leeks, this is for you. Leeks aren’t my favourite so I eventually had to leave some behind because I couldn’t stand them anymore. Overall, this chicken pot pie is quite unique and perfect for one person.


My sister chose the Proscuitto & Mozzarella di Bufala with sundried tomatoes and basil oil tartine. I actually wish I chose this over my pot pie! I had a little taste of this and the proscuitto was delicious even with tomatoes (which I also dislike). From the this dish it also taught me that people in London don’t really use salad dressing with their salads. Coming to Canada they may be shocked to see a Caeser salad with white dressing all over it!


With every meal, you will most likely buy a drink because tap water isn’t that advisable to drink and buying water can sometimes be quite expensive. We ordered a nice bottle of still water and it was £3.60.


This restaurant also has an abundance of desserts but that will come in a later post.

See you later!

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