Wild Wings

4 of us got really hungry on a random Friday afternoon and we couldn’t think of a place to go. Then Carmen said she wanted wings, and none of us have been here yet so we decided to try it out.

Wild Wings is a family restaurant and originated in Sunderland, Ontario in 1999. It slowly started spreading across Canada and finally hit Edmonton! However, it did take us a while to go there. Oops. Guess we weren’t craving wings enough when it first opened.

Anyways…we were seated pretty quickly since there was barely anyone there, but that was probably because it was only 4pm. The service was pretty decent. Our waitress asked us for our drink orders once we sat down, however, she didn’t sound that happy or enthusiastic.

We ended up ordering two orders of wings (Honey Buns and Come Get Some), onion rings, loaded potato skins, and an order of fries, bacon, cheese and gravy.

From this entire meal, of course the wings were the best. Each order also comes with carrots, celery and a Ranch dip. For both wings we ordered them with bones and breaded. Maybe because they were breaded, it may have altered the taste a bit? We were expecting the wings to be FANTASTICO, but there wasn’t any BANG to it. The wings were a nice size unlike some other places which serve tiny wings and can be disappointing.

Above is Honey Buns which is Honey Garlic + Teriyaki flavoured. We found them to be nicely coated and not too heavy on the sauce. We could also taste both the honey garlic and the teriyaki.

Next, are Come Get Some, which is Buttermilk + Dill flavoured. We were skeptical about getting this at first because of the interesting combinations of flavours, but after we ate our first ones, it was actually really good! However, it might be an acquired taste because it wasn’t Kristina’s favorite. You could taste the buttermilk and then there was a kick of dill included which was an interesting surprise for the taste buds. If you want a new flavour and like the taste of dill, this would be an awesome choice.

The Loaded Potato Skins, Onion Rings, and Fries, Bacon, Cheese and Gravy weren’t that special since they are foods that can be ordered at many other restaurants. Our favorite from these three would probably be the Loaded Potato Skins. They were nicely sized and they also weren’t very oily which was a plus for us. The Onion Rings tasted like any other generic onion rings, I actually bet that there were frozen before and could buy them at walmart or something. The fries, bacon, cheese and gravy, we found a bit dry because there was very little gravy. However there was lots of bacon! (so much for the shortage of bacon we are supposedly having)

The price was a bit high for the wings, I felt like I could eat better wings someplace else for cheaper. The total bill was around $60( including tips) for what we ordered above. .. so I guess you can be the judge of that.

Overall, if we were to give this restaurant a rating out of 5, we would give this a 3.5.

If you’re looking for a nice place to hang out with friends and eat a bit, this would be a great place to check out. There are many more different types of wings on the menu. More information and a full menu can be found at http://www.wildwingrestaurants.com.

If you try out a different flavour of wings, tell us which one and what you thought of it! =)

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